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Complications Coming with Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgeriesplastic surgery consultations gets more and more and more common with every passing day in Oregon and around the country. Everyone seems to forget the whole “surgery”; part of this process, you know, the part when you get cut into and rearranged. With Hollywood’s A list actors at the head of the trend, countless patients from spoiled women to the insecure 50 somethings are opting in to go under the scalpel. Sure, everyone can sympathize with the amazing looks that are attained with these different surgeries, but no one can wrap their heads around the risks involved with the operations.

The Most Common Problem

Nearly no patient will know what a hematoma is if you happen to ask them. If this isn’t proof enough that we aren’t being properly educated on these procedures than I don’t know what is. It occurs when blood leaks from the arteries to somewhere its not meant to be. This complication most frequently is associated with the face lift procedure and many times will need a second surgery to get rid of completely.

One of the Nastiest

Necrosis can happen with just about every surgery out there and can only be effectively avoided by working with a highly skilled surgeon. Necrosis is skin cell death after surgical manipulation and can leave patients more self conscious than if they would have skipped on the surgery. Especially at risk for this complication are the smokers, nicotine almost encourages it because of its effect on the skin.

It Only Gets Worse

Another potential botox injections gone wrongrisk that patients don’t seem to be to familiar with is the seroma. This risk is a great conversation topic for you and your surgeon. Its also similar in that its a collection of bodily fluids out of place. Seroma usually develops after a tummy tuck surgery and occurs often enough for most surgeons to use a preventative drain during the procedure.

Taking these risks into account makes you much more responsible than most of the potential patients out there. Know your surgery, ask your surgeon questions, and do what ever you think is needed to feel at ease with the fact that you’re going into surgery. There are endless examples of poor plastic surgery, and that doesn’t just include non-ideal results. Just keep in mind that no matter what the chances of complications are, someone is still cutting you open to alter tissue and muscles to change your appearance.

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