Essential Elements of an Effective Resume

Focus on Your Objective

When staring at the blank page that will be your current resumé, there are two things to consider: what kind of work am I looking for, and who will likely be reading my resumé. In the field of financial advisors, as with many other areas of work, there are more applicants than positions available.

Because of this, finance industry recruiters can only give resumés a few moments before having to move on. Loading the first few lines with the most pertinent information that relates to the position you’re applying for and an indication that you are adequately qualified is the only way to reasonably expect anyone to read more of what had been submitted to them.


In today’s job marketplace, the usage of keywords and optimization of syntax is essential to apply and recognize in writing. When crafting your resumé, keep in mind the brevity with which it will be read, and the key words one must look for to indicate that a candidate may be the one they have searched after.


If you’ve lasted more than a few moments of reading, then chances are you’ve done enough correct to have the reader interested in your resumé to want to digest the more pertinent information with a greater deal of concentration. This is where your education, experience, background, references and skills come into play.

List a hierarchy from most accomplished to least. This will differ from applicant to applicant as some have more real-world experience while others are still fresh from an educational setting. Disseminate your own personal information accordingly.


Resumés are the professional equivalent of a narrative about yourself as an employee in some capacity. The information and the way it is presented paints a picture of the life you’ve lived professionally and it projects an image of the type of employee you might be if hired on by the firm or company you are seeking to be employed with.

Because of this, the way the information flows on the page can either aid or block the information you intended to be on the page to the person reading it.


Almost as important as the content that is being submitted is how it is presented. Giving your information adequate spacing is a good place to start. As you organize your experience, education, and other acquired skills, applying spaces and the margins and perhaps separating each item slightly beyond the standard 1″ margins can make the reading a bit easier on the finance industry recruiter. This will be good practice for anyone who intends to be a financial advisor as extensive written communication will be expected of them.

Resume/CV Tips

Remember the CV’s one and only purpose

If you’re not clear what that is, then this may come as a revelation to you.

Your CV is something that you use to secure a job interview.

That’s right. That’s all it is. Something to help snag that interview for the job you want.

Because after that, recruiters will be able to use a lot more methods to determine if you’re right for the job. For example, how you look, how you sound, how you display your competencies etc. But before then, all they have is your CV. So make the most of it.

Treat your CV like a sales tool

Many people think a CV is good if it’s technically correct and states all the information about your career to date.


Please don’t misunderstand me. Of course your CV has to be correct, and never lie. But more importantly, it has to sell you. It has to tell your potential employer why it should take you on, and to do that requires some self-promotion. Remember, you’re competing with other candidates – so give those reviewing your CV the chance to say “Yes, this person is exactly who we’re looking for”.

Think like a recruiter

If you think a recruiting manager is going to spend lots of time admiring the drafting style of your CV and the choice of font, think again. If you think he or she will be wowed by your hobbies and interests and the fact that you edited the school paper, you’d be wrong here too.

I can tell you from personal experience that most recruiters spend no more than a couple of minutes reviewing a CV, and if they don’t find what they’re looking for quickly, it goes in the bin. So make it easy for them. Keep it short and concise. Try not to exceed two pages. Don’t use fancy fonts or backgrounds. Don’t get hung up on setting out every job and piece of work you’ve ever done going back twenty years. Trust me, they’re not interested. The key is to find out what the employer is really looking for, and give it to them, along with the reasons why they should employ you.

Then you stand a much better chance of hitting the jackpot – the job interview.

And the CV will have done its job.

Working in Technical Education Jobs

This is the reason why you need to be very careful while choosing your career. There are certain career paths which are quite common these days. Lots of people choose one of these fields because they do not want to go out of the trend and do something.

But recently there are students who want to do something different from what others do. There are certain job fields which are becoming popular these days. They might be little uncommon but still they provide a lot of opportunity to the job seeker to grow in their career.

You might be aware of the technical education jobs. This might seem to be quite unusual and not an obvious career choice. But there are lots of people who are working in technical Learning jobs these days. Technical Learning is actually a special training which is job oriented.

The training is given to somebody who is interested in entering a particular industry. The training is usually based on the use the machinery present in the industry. It is actually a practical education or training which is required in the job. But the companies which train these people recruit employees who can train these people.

So if you have already trained yourself with these machineries then you can surely help others train themselves. A student who receives the technical education later on can take up the responsibility of handling the equipments and keep them in a good condition.

If you want to join then you need to make sure that you know the machineries well and you know how to handle them. Technical education work can be quite interesting. You are appointed in the position of a teacher who can train others.

Employment in technical education is available with the help of the internet. There are various job sites which can help you find the suitable training jobs for you. There are certain job sites which are dedicated to this kind of training jobs.

But before that you need to make sure that you have the capability to train somebody. You must have good communication skills and you must be able to make people understand what you say. If you want to perform your work in technical education then you also need to have a lot of patience.

Technical education has a lot of demand in the developing countries as well as the under developed ones. In these countries people do not have much money to pursue higher education and hence they depend on the technical education.

Pilot Jobs and Training

Agriculture Pilot

Agriculture pilots have the responsibility to carry a variety of chemicals for spraying to farmlands, forests fields and crops. The chemical includes the fertilizers, insecticides and seeds as well. Agriculture pilot gets the salary between $20000 and $70000. For becoming agriculture pilot, the person must have at least high school diploma, and the license. Many pilot schools are providing the agriculture pilot training to the interested students.

Test Pilot

Test pilots are of several types such as engineering pilot, production pilot. The jobs of these test pilots is filled with full of danger and risk. These pilots basically test the new and renovated planes and they also check the design strength of the airplane. These pilots get the salary between $15000 and $200000. To become test pilot, the students must have completed their college studies. Test pilot training is given in various certified pilot schools and the experienced instructors give the training.

Airplane Pilot

Major airplane pilot is one of the best and the reputed job in aviation industry. These pilots fly passenger from one place to another and they also deliver the cargo or freight to international cities. The pilots operate lots of air crafts such as B-757, B-777 and A330. The salary which they get ranges from $23000 to $250000, which is very high as compare to other pilot jobs. Many pilot schools and institutes are offering the pilot training under FAA certified rules and regulations.

Regional Air Line Pilot

Regional airline pilots fly short range routes and they take the passengers from one city to another. Airplanes such as Jet stream 32 and 41, Saab 340 and Dash-8 fly by these pilots. These pilots are given lower par rates, they have to work more number of hours and they get the designation like caption and first officer. In this pilot job, the pilots can get $16500 to $60000. To become these regional pilots, he/she must have got the 4 year degree from the recognized college. Students, who are willing to become regional airline pilot, can get the training in many FAA certified pilot schools.

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopters are used for the short flights in duration and distance. Helicopters typically used as air ambulance, for rescuing stranded people in the hill areas, to control bush fire, and for personal use. The main benefit of helicopters is that these can land in the small area. Helicopter pilots can get jobs in private companies, air force, government agencies, and hospitals and in the large organizations, and helicopter operators. These pilots have different responsibilities at different associations so salary also differs. Typically salary ranges from twenty nine thousand dollar to fifty seven thousand dollars. To become the helicopter graduate candidates are preferred and they should be licensed as private pilot and some type rating certificates.

Air Taxi or Charter Pilots

Air taxi operators are located at airports where they get sufficient passenger traffic. The occupation as the air taxi driver is also the good job and operators are earning good kind of money. To fly air taxi pilots need to take private pilot license with some instrument rating certificates. These pilots have two fold responsibilities first they should be profitable to their employer and should also fulfill all requirements and demand of FAA. As the remuneration these pilots get eight dollar to eighteen dollar per hour.

Flight Instructor

Flight instructors work in flight schools and universities. Flight instructors teach students how to fly the air crafts and helicopters. Instructors give ground schools and flight training to the students. Instructors teach basics of flying, aerial navigation, communications procedures, weather factors, and give other tips of aviation. There are three kinds of instructor licenses these are; certified flight instructor license, certified instrument instructors license, multiple engine instructor licenses. Flight instructor salary ranges from thirteen thousand dollar to forty one thousand dollar.

Direct Sales & Marketing Trainings

If you are new to direct sales and marketing business area and have none or small relevant experience trainings can help you to better understand essence of working skills and get necessary practice in conditions the closest to real sales.

If you have already worked in sales but need to expand your skills and expertise trainings also can help you and here the main thing is to analyze your abilities and decide what exactly you need to learn and improve. Professional trainers can help you with this guiding you and setting goals you need to reach.

Trainings can be given by organizations that only prepare people for further searching for work or by companies, which are interested in hiring people who are successful in the training and have visible potential to give to the company.

So when you decide to take training by an operating sales & marketing company you should try to know as more about the company as possible and decide if you want to work there after training.

For your better understanding what the trainings are let’s view program of trainings, which are given by Crystal Power – one of the UK’s leading direct sales & marketing organizations that works in close partnership with some of the most prominent international brand names.

How to take part in the trainings? You can apply online at the web site and submit online application form with your details at [] If you’re successful in your application you will initially undertake two demanding days of intensive training.

On the first day you’ll learn about what will be expected of you in your new role and being educated about the products and services the company has to offer. You will know the secret of the company’s success – why they offer these products to the general public. They are only interested in saving people money and selling things that help reduce people’s outgoings. You will also be instructed about the company administration procedures and learn about the importance of good customer relations.

The fun starts on the second day and gets even more interesting has they train you how to sell. You will receive intensive training by some of the best trainers in the UK on how to do your job 100% professionally and how to become the best in your field. These are a very eventful and demanding two days, which will kick-start your career and give you all the tools you will need to make yourself a real success. You will start to appreciate why the company is unique, why you are privileged to part of the team and how the door has been opened to the potential of you becoming a super high earner.

Online Jobs for College Students

  • Online Tutor: If you already have a little college under your belt and are especially adept in a particular area of study, you can apply to be an online tutor and offer your help and guidance to other students. This job is not only rewarding, but can help you pay your own way as you grow and enhance your education. It has been noted that this kind of job is so rewarding that many tutors often remain a tutor in their free time even after they complete their education and go on to the workplace. What a wonderful way to give back and earn a little money on the side. This position isn’t just for students, as you can imagine anyone with any education and knowledge to share can work as an online tutor.
  • Virtual Assistant: Are you very handy with administrative roles? Then you might consider taking on such a role as a virtual assistant. The hours are more flexible than a traditional assistant job, but they are also more consistent than a freelance writer’s position might be. You will be employed and have to work set hours, but you can do so from home which can still give you more freedom to take care of your studies. There are many online websites that offer these positions that you can apply for and once you have found your employer you can relax and work a job that does not conflict with your college work.

Solar Job Training

Throughout the globe, the United States is not alone in its initiative in advancing its energy sources and properties. There is also an observed increase in the demand for green collar jobs in many European and Asian countries. Today, US companies take hold of the most development projects in honing solar energy. These companies are taking advantage of the increasing demand for renewable energy sources as well as the country’s tax advantage benefits. Hence, there is an open opportunity for people who are qualified for various solar jobs. Now is the best time to get some training and courses to qualify for professional solar jobs.

Thankfully, there are a number of solar trainings and courses that are offered to qualify technicians, engineers and other equipment installing, handling and maintaining workers for the much coveted green collar jobs. These learning programs are intended to break in people to the growing solar industry. With the hands-on training, solar business and finance management courses as well as solar marketing and sales strategies, people from blue collar jobs can smoothly make their transition into the green collar jobs that require similar expertise.

Below is the list of the training programs and courses that are offered to qualify for solar jobs:

  • Training on photovoltaic design, installation and applications to hone the expertise of technicians and engineers.
  • Grid-tied PV design training is a  focused in introducing modern ways of handling solar energy systems connected to the utility grid.
  • Advanced PV design training refers to the heightened level of PV design training, which requires the trainee to do the PV design and installation courses within strict NEC compliance.
  • PV lab management training is perhaps the ultimate hand-on training that a technician could get as it sets the participants in a direct field application scenario, handling and managing PV lab yards, giving them the opportunity to install and wire solar electric systems to different types of solar electrical system wiring configuration.
  • People from the traditional management and finance team can take advantage of the solar sales, marketing and economics courses that may be taken in a traditional classroom setup or online. The important point of this training is to train people from directly related blue collar jobs into the more specific marketing demands of solar energy systems.

The potential of the solar industry has long been determined. Until the discovery of the depletion of the conventional sources, the industry’s potentials have been set aside. Now, with the advent of the global go green attitude and the wide acceptance of the international community to solar energy as the closest alternative energy source, people who are qualified for green collar jobs can lead a successful career path regardless of the worldwide economic conditions and issues.

From welders, electricians, roofers to architects, integrators, general contractors and other building professionals, the high demand for people qualified of solar jobs gives light could be just the kind of opportunity that people can take advantage of after the struggles that the current economic crisis have brought in their careers. Green collar jobs gave the technicians and engineers as well as marketing and finance professionals a great opportunity to rise from the ashes of the economy that may have cost them their blue collar jobs.

Land A Job Salary

As per the latest stats, physicians, lawyers, IT professionals, product managers, design managers, tax managers and architects are among the highest paying jobs. The median base salary for these positions ranges between $100,000 and $200,000. Hence, we find most people hankering for these positions.

However, it could be a major mistake. You could land a top job salary, but you might not be meant for the job or you might not be interested in the field you choose. The way to get a satisfying, high paying job is to prepare yourself for one, in your area of liking.

  • Upgrade your education
    An additional degree on your resume could be what you need to get your dream job. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification to have if you want a decent job and salary. A master’s degree or Ph.D further raises your chances of securing a top job salary.

You can continue to educate yourself even as you work fulltime. There are many colleges offering online courses and part-time programs for working students. Also, enquire if your current employer has an incentive program in place to pay for at least half your education.

  • Expand your skill set
    With everything moving towards an interdisciplinary approach, cross-training is an asset. In addition to being trained in your area of specialization, you should acquire skills for tasks that are outside the parameters of your job. Why do companies prefer such individuals? Because such individuals are capable of taking up broader responsibilities and serve as backup too.
  • Develop soft skills
    Soft skills is an umbrella term for personality traits, personal habits, social etiquette and interpersonal skills. Educational qualifications and technical expertise alone will not get you the top job salary; you need to have the right soft skills.

Developing your soft skills makes your more visible among the crowd. You can work on your verbal and non-verbal communication, leadership skills, team management and listening skills.

  • Networking
    Getting a top job salary is also about working your way up the ladder through social contacts. Hence, you need to build a resourceful network both online and offline. You should attend conferences, job fairs and trade associations where you gain a lot of job insight and also get to meet the bigwigs of your industry. You can set up a blog and share your expertise there. Promote yourself by distributing a business card.
  • Gain experience
    In the bid to get a better salary, many switch jobs in a short span of time. It does not reflect good on your resume as it says a lot about your poor staying power. What employers are looking for are individuals who will be able to contribute to the overall growth of the company.

Bad Resume Words Should Not Use

The resume screening process has advanced with technology. Many employers receive hundreds and even thousands of resumes in response to available positions and in general. Your resume is likely first software scanned for bad resume words that are the red flags of job hunting; words that automatically eliminate you from getting an interview.

After years of scanning resumes and conducting company and HR surveys, we have assembled the list of 1897 resume words that rub HR staff the wrong way and others that literally rule you out. Words that reveal your characteristics and personality traits, predict future behavior, indicate deceit, and words that are considered politically incorrect.

With texting, tweets, general web content and commenting, the rules of grammar have taken a beating. Because poor grammar and acronyms have become so common, a great deal of people can no longer pass a basic grammar test. We are ‘dumbing down’ (a buzz phrase you should avoid.) Yet you are expected to submit a resume that follows language rules with correct vocabulary and you can bet you will be competing with resumes that are grammar perfect.

The number of words in the English language was about 1,013,913 as of 2012. There is a new word of some kind coined every 98 minutes or about 14.7 words per day. While the majority of these words are soon forgotten some become part of our language. With this many new words coming out every day keeping track of what words can count against you on your resume can be about impossible.

Buzzwords can be commonly used words, coined expressions, acronyms, or phrases. Sometimes they are specific to an industry or just trendy. Buzzwords sometimes have vague definitions and more easily misused than accepted language listed in reputable dictionaries. There are added risks with buzzwords. Buzzwords can date you and show your age, make you look out of touch and behind the times, and shoddy or dull. Seemingly innocent vocabulary such as ‘brand development,’ ‘bottom line,’ and ‘cast a wide net’ can date you.

Other bad resume words include weak lingo, clichés, and tired descriptions, unacceptable versions of terms, slang, pronouns, and transitional words. If your resume gets through the automated scanning, there are numerous negative terms that can bore employers and turn them off altogether. There is also illegitimate terminology used so frequently that many job hunters are unaware that they are not words.

Transitional words and phrases can connect thoughts and concepts. These words can help your text flow. Yet many job hunters overuse and misuse these phrases. Some transitional terms such as ‘finally’ and consequently’ do little and are not helpful.

Benefits of Working At A Summer Camp

  • Good Summer Time – You are sure to have a lot of fun while working at a summer camp. Everyday there are new activities filled with fun and adventure that you may not experience anywhere else. And the best part is you will also get paid for it along with free food and accommodation.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills – Summer camp is a good place to enhance your communications skills. There you will get the opportunity to communicate with people of different ages and cities. You will work with them giving instructions, teaching them different skills and listening and addressing their concerns.
  • New Friends – Working at a camp means meeting new people from all over the world. You will share the summer with them laughing, learning, teaching and working hard together. You might not know anyone when you join the camp, but you will surely leave it making a lot of new friends.
  • Increased Confidence – A summer camp job will mean getting out of your comfort zone and doing things which you might have never done before. It will help you to face your fears and become a stronger and more confident person in the end. The whole camp experience will be very rewarding when you will join your first job. The confidence carried from the camp will help you to adjust fast in the working environment.
  • Travelling – This job will allow you to travel to a new place. You might get to visit a new state or a whole new country. You will have the opportunity to visit new places including national parks and beaches.