Draft a Functional Resume

Emphasize on your career summary

Rather than writing an objective statement that conveys you are seeking a full-time employment, opt for including a career summary in the document. So pay special attention to summary statement and write relevant skills. It will excite the hiring manager to take interest in your profile instantly. Including a summary statement is a great way to catch the recruiter’s eye and get the resume read completely.

Brainstorm what points must be covered

Writing a resume after many years can look like a grueling task. Consider including your volunteer experiences, innovative ideas, self-started initiatives, hobbies or social cause, and club membership. Understand what points will sound impressive and propel the recruiter to know more about you.

Avoid chronology

If you have had a good experience in a particular role in the past and had moved up the ladder before taking a gap, do not start your document by just listing the profiles in a reverse chronological order. Although previous work history is necessary, this is not the central point of your document.

Organize the document

Understand your best-selling points that are related to the new profile and then divide your resume into themes. Separate out the skills and accomplishment parts and focus on including the strongest asset at the top. By doing so, the prospective employer is in a better situation to analyze determine the candidate’s skills.

Make use of keywords

The typical resume writing rules while writing drafting such a document would apply even if the structure has changed a bit. So remember to mention the keywords from job descriptions that are a perfect match for your skills. You can take help of keywords to give appropriate subheadings or include them in your bullet points while framing sentences to demonstrate your capabilities.

Include relevant projects

One must also incorporate projects handled on a professional or personal level in this document. It shows your ability to successfully complete the project and deliver them in time. Personal projects can help the hiring manager learn about your passion and determine if it can benefit the organization. For example, if you have managed to run a small home-based business while on break, mention it in the resume. It shows you are willing to learn new things will demonstrate your ability to handle clients.

Mention work history in the last section

No matter whether you are starting a job in the same field after a decade or subconsciously going for a career change owing to some circumstances, it is important to write your work experience in the resume. Even if the hiring managers are not expecting detailed descriptions of your past jobs, they will love to go through your records. Including a work history can help highlight the skills that you have learned in your career. You can add this section as the bottom part of your resume. Mention your experiences by stating the organization, job profile and the time when you have worked with them.

Add an effective cover letter

Even if you are going for a role that is way too different from previous positions, attach a strong cover letter to your resume. In this letter, focus on your skills and talent that can show you as an apt candidate for the open position. Writing a cover letter will show why you are better than other candidates as well as remove doubts from the mind of hiring manager.

Before Becoming a Freelancer

Have you learned the basics of Freelancing?

Learning basics is of utmost importance in freelancing. There are some con guys out there who try to prey on new entrants. As a matter of fact, new entrants are vulnerable to deceptions because they do not know how to make themselves secure.

Do you need a constant income?

If you are joining it to draw a consistent income, then you need to understand an important fact about freelancing. If you manage to enter into a long-term agreement with a client, you will be able to earn a consistent income. If you just take small projects, you may not be able to earn a fixed amount of money each single month.

Do you have insurance needs?

Insurance is important and if you are doing a job, your employer will buy insurance for you. It is not easy to pay insurance premiums yourself. In freelancing, you have to purchase your own insurance policy.

Are you too soft-hearted towards clients?

It is said that ‘customer is always right’, but sometimes, you have to handle the client in such a way that you stay safe and at the same time, the client is not lost. Some clients start taking you for granted. In such kind of situations, you will have to take a stand against the client.

Do you try to be organized?

It is important to move in an organized way in freelancing. In freelancing, if you keep working without a schedule you will soon get frustrated and it will get difficult for you to continue. Prepare a daily work schedule and strictly follow it to make things easy for you.

Do you like to deal with clients?

It might not work well in freelancing if you hate dealing with clients. Dealing with clients is at the heart of freelancing. The better you deal with clients, the better for your business. In freelancing, your communication skills either make you or break you.

Do you really want to run a business?

Freelancing will be a first step towards starting your own business. If you work well and get more and more clients, you can hire employees to assist you in work. So you can take freelancing to a whole new level. Thus, you can convert freelancing into your own business.

Do you want to manage your finances?

Managing finances is important in freelancing. The income flow in freelancing goes to extremes. Sometimes, you earn really well; sometimes, you do not earn even a single penny. So when you earn well, it is good to save money for the day you would not earn anything.

Are the people in your circle supportive?

Freelancing is a challenging job. There comes a time when you feel stuck up and do not know what to do. In such kind of demanding situations, you should take help of the people who know more than yourself. They will guide you the way out of that problem.

Recruiting Specialist

  • Contacting potential employees-this is the most fundamental duties for a recruiting specialist. In order to fill the positions for the company or industry they work for they have to be on the lookout for talented individuals to fill the open positions. They can contact employees in several different ways such as online ads, traditional cold calls, referrals, and visiting colleges. It helps when contacting potential employees that the recruiting specialist has an approachable and friendly demeanor.
  • Checking references-this is done after the interview and is a common practice in the hiring process. When the recruiting specialist checks the references the applicant has provided the answers received can be used to back up what the applicant has said during the interview and on the application. Depending on the reference they may be asked about the applicant’s credentials to see if what they tell them matches what the applicant claims.
  • Conducting interviews-once the industry or company has a potential employee it is the recruiting specialist that will schedule an interview time. At this interview the applicant will fill out an application form along with offering the recruiter their resume. They will also have to answer questions about their previous jobs and skills and their background. The interview is done so the recruiter will have a better idea of their potential employee’s abilities and skills. It will also determine if they would be a good fit for the company or industry.
  • Documenting information about the new employees-it is the recruiting specialist who will document all of the information about the new employee, such as making a file on them online and include a copy of their application, their resume, reference checks, etc in the file. They will also make sure that the employee’s correct contact information is available along with anything else of importance that was said during the interview.
  • Hiring-once the interview and references are finished it is the recruiting specialist’s job to either reject or hire the applicant. In some instances the recruiter will make the decision on their own or they will need to talk it over with the supervisor. If they are hired the recruiting specialist will let the applicant know and have them come in so they can go over the company guidelines, ethics, standards, and schedule. Sometimes it will also include a training period.

Marketing Degree Salary

Type of Institution

One of the most deciding factors is the type of institution that you earn your degree from. Although marketing degrees of all types from recognized schools and universities are regarded as legitimate in the industry, some marketing programs and schools are more reputed than the others and may help you earn higher wages when you graduate. As Pay Scale mentions, for the position of marketing manager, University of Michigan graduates can earn between $62,571 and $98,362 every year. However, those who graduate from the Arizona State University can get a salary within the range of $45,096 – $72,908 each year for the same position type.


The differences in a marketing degree salary can depend on the type of specialty that a graduate has. There is a substantial variation in salaries within marketing jobs. It is especially at the mid-level jobs that salaries tend to be higher with specialization. A package design manager may earn around $5,000 more than a general brand manager, even thought the package design has part of the duties of a brand manager.


The level and type of position in a marketing field is possibly the biggest factor when it comes to establishing salaries. On the website of All Business Schools, a published study showed that media coordinators are at the bottom of the heap with an average annual payment of $32,639. Marketing specialists receive much more by earning on an average around $51,179 each year. E-commerce marketing managers can hope to earn about $83,247 every year. Marketing director positions are at the crest of the heap and people in these jobs can hope to get $143,839 each year.


The salaries for marketing degree holders tend to be influenced by the location, this is mainly due to product demands and differences in living costs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that California, New Jersey and New York are the top states when it comes to the highest salaries for marketing jobs. New York is at the top, with marketing directors earning a mean salary of $72.18 per hour. The pay package in New Jersey comes up close with employees getting $67.93 per hour. Marketers earn $65.86 per hour in California, making it the 3rd highest salary in the U.S for marketing professionals. The annual pay package is much less in Washington D.C., even thought it has the highest number of marketing positions.

Posting Jobs in Job Boards

Now a days many job portals offer job postings with no cost, which allow several companies to post their hiring requirements online at a minimal or negligible cost.

A free job posting offer numerous advantages. Here are some of the advantages experienced by big companies to catch right talent from an ocean of fishes.

  • Minimal Expenses
  • Ease to post
  • Spread of information
  • Free live metrics

If you ever been to the Human Resource Department, what it takes to process a job application. This helps to save your expenses by cutting down the cost incurred while posting a job online.

The steps involved in posting the jobs online are very simple and flexible. Anyone having the basic computer skills can post the jobs online in a hassle free manner.

Free job posting sites are nourished with hoards of users. With the help of job listing, you get an advantage to post a job having reach to thousands of users. This helps in delivering the cream information to the masses within a short span of time.

Some job listing sites like Glassdoor offers you an option to track your application. With the help of this feature, you can find the number of users who viewed your job application, the time they have spent in viewing your application and other necessary information.

Heavy Equipment Training

Those with heavy equipment training can find jobs in many different types of work. Some of the most popular positions include work at construction sites, construction of roads and bridges, working on offshore oil rigs and laying down or repairing highways and interstates. These jobs do not just entail running the equipment. Many of the operators inspect the equipment before setting beginning to work and may they perform maintenance and some minor repair work.

As with any position, the chance of getting a good job is to begin by graduating from high school. If there are mechanical courses available in high school taking them gives the individual a head start in the construction field. Other high school classes that can assist in construction positions are math, sciences and computer courses.

Formal heavy equipment training may allow someone to come into a job at an advanced position with a higher rate of pay. When attending college or vocational school to obtain heavy equipment training there are normally two types of learning involved. The first will consist of time in a class room doing reading and research. The next, and sometimes most important part of learning, will take place outside of the class room and will involve hands on training.

Another option in formal training is working with an apprentice program. Apprentices will normally learn to work with a wide arrange of equipment which may give them more job choices. These types of programs usually last around 3 years and consist of working for an employer at an apprentice’s pay lever and approximately 144 hours of classroom time each of the 3 years. Depending on the position being applied for there may be additional certification or enrollment in certain professional associations required.

Government Training Grants

All you have to do is apply and you get a grant check that can be used to improve your skills. The main reason why this is the best way to go about getting training is that these grants are not like loans. They are programs that have already been funded to help individuals like you. If you get a grant, it is free and you do not have to pay a penny back. This is also the reason why there is no credit checks or down payments or collateral that I discussed when getting a government grant. By just putting in an application for one of the hundreds of grant programs that you are eligible for, you can increase your job skill at no extra cost to you.

Training grants are awarded through the employment and training administration of the department of labor to all government employees. If you want to get a job with the government, the chances of success are very high. You can take the grants that you get and use them to train yourself and achieve higher education so that you ensure that you meet all the required qualifications needed to get the job that you are looking for. Although competition is low while seeking government jobs, you should not have any problems in getting the job as long as you meet their requirements and are sufficiently prepared.

ERP Training and Jobs

For the students of management, it is the favorite topic for research. After the intervention in warehousing segment and in supply chain it is being introduced in the curriculum of management. Top companies offer ERP training program in the company or in institute depending upon the requirements in the market and the policy of the company.

Candidate should posses multiple skills to pursue a job in ERP. The candidate should be ready to accept the changes all the time. He should be dynamic. It is not sufficient for the candidate to have a mere educational and technical qualification. As the ERP is undergoing a lots of transformation and improving day by day the candidate must also be prepared to compete the changing circumstances. Candidate should not be outdated in the changing areas of ERP otherwise he will lose the company.

The professionals of enterprise resource planning software should be specialist in diverse application and function. After the advancement of ERP now the company is choosing the multiple function ERP program. So now the company will be interested in employing the professional who specializes in the multifunction of ERP.

Opportunities for ERP professionals are in large corporations where huge investments are made on ERP. For this job, an all rounder should be preferred. On the aspect of qualification there is no stigma. From all streams the candidate should be considered. There are plenty of ERP jobs with very high competition. Many unauthorized institutes are also giving training and certificates for the training program. But their certificates are not valid. Their fees are less expensive, but they will never help the candidate to secure a job. So candidates should check the credibility and authenticity of the institute.

Info of Sigma Training

You need to go out into the world and find your place. By taking the time to assess your skills, as well as how you can best use those skills to your advantage, you will be able to determine where you belong in the grand scheme of things. Even if you began with your Six Sigma Training as an employed worker at a specific company, you can’t always guarantee that you will be in the right place continually. If your trained skills are not being put to their best use, it might be time for you to move on to a new position where you can utilize your Six Sigma Certification.

The secret is that your Six Sigma Training will get you far better job prospects than any other qualifications that you have. So many companies are looking for people who are already trained, because the training can be very expensive and difficult to procure. If you feel like your skills aren’t being utilized, or even if you just want to make the most of the skills that you have obtained outside of a job position, you need to take the time to highlight your Six Sigma Certification in the job search.

You might have a specific job title that you think could get you more credibility and a better position than your Six Sigma Training, but in most cases you will be sorely disappointed to learn that your Six Sigma Training actually warrants higher paying jobs than any other education or career training that you might have. If you have the right combination of Six Sigma experience and other job skills, though, you could have a dynamic setup for success. Just take the time to make your Six Sigma Certification work for you, and you’ll go far in your career.

Workplace Training

To give a basic outline of what corporate training actually is it’s always a good thing to start off with a simple definition of corporate training such as; a business that trains its workforce to enable them to carry out the required jobs both competently and at a favourable pace. So this does mean that the business has a choice, it doesn’t have to simply train all the people who wish to become an employee, they could simply only offer the job position to already qualified people. However, most businesses take a more ‘ethical’ approach, by which they train the people within the business to carry out the more complicated jobs, this is more common in smaller businesses but is still seen widely among the larger corporations.

Many companies do actually overlook the benefits and the importance of workplace training. Not only do your current employees become well versed within the business and its practices but it can also increase employee’s motivation. For example, if an employee constantly sees newcomers taking the higher paid jobs within the business they may be more tempted to look elsewhere, or get disheartened about their career prospects. On the flip side if the employer chooses to train and promote in the workplace the employees will see that there are good opportunities for pay increases and to further their knowledge and may work harder.

However, there are many other benefits other than simple motivation that the employer gets from training in the workplace rather that recruiting outside. For example, a new employee would have to learn how the business works, get use to other employees and build a home away from home as such. However, a current employee has already done this saving time and the risk that the new employee will not fit in with the business practices.