About Forklift Training Certification

Depending on how thorough your employer wants your training to be, forklift training can be as short as an 8 hour shift. My training involved a lecture, watching safety videos and a short drive competency test. However training can vary. Most of the time the employer will conduct the training based on the specific work conditions that you will be dealing with.

If you are reading this and are concerned because you are unemployed, don’t be. A lot of the times an employer will provide training and certification but it can also be gained on your own. There are many forklift training centers, and certification can be obtained online. Please be cautious when you begin your forklift training though. Certification does not guarantee a job. A lot of times employers want experience and a clean safety record. Nevertheless, getting certified on your own will show initiative and determination. Employers must pay several hundred dollars for their employees to get certified, and you potentially just saved them money. It also looks great on an application or resume.

No matter whether you seek forklift training on your own are get certified through your employer OSHA recommends the following program outline: An introduction to the forklift. This will be a general Overview of the program and goals. The next phase will be the different types of forklifts, features and the physics of a forklift. The next section will deal with safety and load handling, followed by inspection. The final part is driving.

Forklift certification is a great tool to have when you are looking for a job. The economy is improving and there will be a need for forklift operators. More trains on the tracks, and trailers on the road carrying loads, means that they need people to fill them. It is also mandatory if you use a forklift at your current job.