About Virtual Recruiter Network

The basics: You must have access to the internet, have experience with online search techniques and be knowledgeable about social networking to become a virtual recruiter. Then, you may choose to work from home, an office or on the beach while vacationing as long as you get the job done. Bottom line? You will be searching for a top performing candidate for a well-defined job description for a client company.

Performance is always measured by placement activity. You will have access to some of the best commissions in the industry if you can source and recruit talented passive candidates and develop your own clients with your business development skills. Here are some of the necessary skills:

Business Development

You may develop your strengths/skills as a full-cycle recruiter, a sourcing only recruiter or a marketing only recruiter. As a member of a national Virtual Recruiter Network, you will have access to hundreds of recruiters who can help you fill your new job listings. In addition, these same recruiting partners will help make you more money by giving you access to their job openings so that you may also submit your qualified candidates.

Job Order Management

If you choose the right virtual recruiter network, you will have access to job orders from across the country (some international as well) and from almost every industry and market sector. You choose which job orders you want to work or, alternatively, you may market into new client companies and solicit your own job listings.

Search and Submit Candidates

Generally, in most virtual recruiter networks, you will source for candidates and may choose to work on multiple job orders simultaneously. When you have identified and screened qualified candidates, you either submit your candidates directly to the recruiting partner or the Virtual Recruiting Team Manager. The Team Manager would provide additional candidate screening before presenting the most qualified candidates to the client recruiter. When your candidate is accepted and is moving forward, you would generally be totally in charge of completing the process with the client company recruiter. You will be in regular contact with your Team Manager throughout the placement process.


When a client hires your referred candidate, the client pays a fee based upon a percentage of the newly hired candidate’s first year’s total expected compensation. You are paid a placement commission based on your member contract and Virtual Recruiter Network you have joined. Fees generally range between 10-35% of the expected compensation and recruiter commissions generally range from 35-80% of the fee received (split 50-50 with the recruiter handling the other side of the transaction.

Build a Career and Your Own Business

As a member of a viable Recruiter Network, you will be given every opportunity to grow professionally and profitably. They will be with you every step of the way with their primary goal being to provide the foundation and structure for you to become a successful talent acquisition specialist with their Team.