Ageism In The Workplace

Direct discrimination

When your employer says he will not promote you because you’re ‘too old’.

Indirect discrimination

If your employer offers a training course only to recent graduates, this could constitute indirect discrimination, as it could exclude older employees.


If colleagues made jokes about your age which were offensive, or comments made about the age of someone you associate with, such as a partner.

However, with some effort you can overcome ageism. Here are some ways to deal with ageism at the workplace.

Be confident

Being confident is very crucial for your career. Be proud of yourself as you have been able to reach the point of life where you are becoming a mentor to the young ones. Convince yourself that you are still competent, expressive, valuable and effective in doing the work assigned to you. Take advantage of the experience and wisdom that come with age and put them to good use.

Be positive

Attitude has a lot to do with how people can overcome ageism. Cheerful and welcoming attitude will help a lot in fighting the effects of ageism at work. The experienced ones are considered to be serious and connected with the work which is good for the company, but to manage the young staff you need to be friendly and jolly in your office.

Keep up with the technology: New technologies are a greater challenge for many individuals and to win over that challenge, you have to be technology savvy. Be welcoming to all sorts of challenges at work place. Show an initiative towards the new technology. Though it will take time but once you get the hang of it you don’t have to look back.

Stay determined

Don’t let yourself be pushed around because you’re older. During the interview, you need to eliminate the assumption that the aged ones lack energy and strength. Start as well as end the interview showing you do not lack energy and are determined towards the goal.