You Should Resign From Your Job

  • First of all check your contract. What does it say about leaving? Some companies have rules that require the employees to serve a notice period before formally quitting their jobs. If you have that clause in your contract then serve that notice in an email addressed to the higher management, CEO and the HR department.
  • Don’t go around telling every one of your colleagues that you want to leave. Not everyone in the company is your friend. Just tell the higher management or your team leader or a senior colleague that you have finally decided to leave the company. Do not tell everyone before you get a green signal from the higher management. And it is better if you disclose this one week before you leave.
  • What is your reason for leaving? A lot of people are going to ask about this and the best answer is that you found a better opportunity that you couldn’t refuse. Do not in any case tell people any other reason, no matter how much you hate working there, do not let anyone know that you are leaving simply because you had enough.
  • Some companies may have an exit interview with you. This is usually not a standard procedure but usually this interview involves the higher management or the HR asking you why you are leaving. Stick to the answer stated above. There is no need to let them know what’s wrong with the company. Do not turn this into a consulting session and stick to the corporate answer. If there is nothing nice you can say, then just keep quiet and walk out of there.
  • Your resignation letter is probably the most important thing right now. What do you want to say in it? This is entirely up to you. If you enjoyed your work, then write a thankful email to your colleagues and the management. If you are glad to leave and had enough, then a quick resignation will be enough. A couple of lines about the reason and the date when you plan to leave will be enough. You can also ask the HR or the CEO to spread the word of you leaving the company or you can email your colleagues yourself later on before you leave.

The purpose of this article is to show you that a quiet departure is best and there is no need to criticize the company or management if you had a bad experience working there. And there is no need to use your resignation email to show your hatred towards your job.


Avoid Being Just Another Forgotten CV

Create a customised CV for your future employer

Now that you are dedicated to making your booklet CV, you need to go the extra step and make it personalised for the employer. The first thing a sceptical employer will think is that you have printed off fifty booklets and posted them to every marketing job in the country. So on the first page it needs to say, “Why I am perfect for the role of xxxxx at xxxx.” Mention the company by name and the job by name. Do not write, “Why I am perfect for your job” because that reeks of duplicated copies. It needs to make it clear from the outset that you made this booklet for that company and that job only.

You also need to directly reference the company and its departments. You can even insert a map showing how close you live to the company, and explain how easy it will be for them to call you into the office at a moment’s notice.

The employer looks through hundreds of applications in his or her business life. Lots of people who give advice for CVs want you to make reading your CV convenient, so they tell you to keep it short and concise. And, in many situations that would be perfect. In-fact for lower paid jobs it is ideal. But, for this job, for a marketing job in particular, you need to stand out from the crowd. Your CV also needs to be memorable. If you can get one of the office staff to look at your CV and show it to someone else for the sheer novelty value of it alone, then you have proven yourself to be the most effective marketing professional out of all those applicants.

How to create a good layout

Above all the layout must be very targeted, and the way you may achieve this is to set it out to give a blow by blow account of why you are perfect for the role. A good marketing strategy has always been to introduce a product and then give benefit after benefit to the consumer until he or she cries out for the product. You must do the same with your layout. You must create easy to read parcels of information that simply pile benefit atop benefit of why they should employ you.

Your CV must be an achievement driven booklet, and the thing you wish to achieve is gaining employment. You must create very concise and very targeted parcels of information with absolutely no fluff or unnecessary wordage. Get help with creative writing or look at sample CVs online for good ways to express yourself.

Your mindset when you are writing

This is very important because you need to consciously set the correct tone for your CV. At the beginning of every paragraph, or every parcel of information, you need to say the words, “you should employ me because” in your head. Your CV needs to be goal oriented in the same way that your marketing would be goal orientated. Don’t forget your ABCs – “Always Be Closing.” Every paragraph needs to have this feel to it. You always need to work towards the “yes”.

Use your marketing talents in order to show your expertise

Frankly, the marketing company will be looking for proof of your skills and marketing knowledge within the CV itself. Missing out on this opportunity to show off your talents would be like walking to a job interview as for a taxi job, or a web designer using a lacklustre web design on which he sells his design services. Your competing job applicants will have showcased their talents on their CV so you need to do the same.

How to insert a “head-slapper” at the end

You need to create a final page that has a lasting impact. Therefore you should come up with something that is clever to the point of almost being witty. The reader should smile as he or she reads it and be in almost awe of your audacious cleverness. An example may be something such as claiming that you are the best marketing professional on the job market, so much so that even “you” have read this booklet all the way to the end. With the “you” referring to the employer reading the booklet.

Choosing Internship

If you are majoring in Accounts and plan to work in accounts department, you probably do not want to intern in a hospital. So be sure that the tasks and responsibilities are matching to the type of career path you want to pave. Go for the internship which is adding new tools to your toolbox.

When you go for the interview, try to take the feel of the environment. There is no point of settling for an internship where you don’t feel comfortable. Always remember environment in internship and your experience are interrelated. You should have a proper work space with required equipment.

The whole idea of an internship is to get opportunities in future. Networking is one of the important considerations while choosing an internship. Look for an internship which will introduce you to new people, new tasks and new responsibilities. This has a potential of giving you a ticket to a job later.

This becomes an important consideration keeping your financial situation in mind. During internship, you do not earn a handsome salary so you want to be in an internship in which the location won’t be much of a burden to you.

Most college students have already studies and work to cop with. So, choose an internship which understands your schedule as well. In short, an internship should be a stepping stone to a great future rather than being a roadblock.

The success of an internship depends on the excellent supervision. Is there a proper guidance to help you complete a task or clarify questions? You will never know if you are doing things properly in the absence of a great supervision. It takes time to get accustomed to a new environment and new tasks. You want someone who can provide you invaluable experience and guide you throughout.

Feedback’s are perfect way to know there is still a scope of learning. If you want to succeed in your professional life, look for an internship that offer structured evaluations. Criticism should be taken in a positive sense and thrive to seek the best results.

Incentives promote loyalty and retention. An intern is bound to be a penny-pinker because of his constrained budget. When a company provides perks and incentives, it gives a person reason to stay one more month. It also boosts their morale, foster communication and help add value to the company.

Benefits of Part Time Jobs

  1. You Acquire New Skills: You might take up a job which requires you to use a certain skill set, that you did not employ ever before to pursue a job. This skill set might act like a cherry on top, with your current skill set. For instance, you work as a customer service support agent and take a part-time job that requires the skills of a data entry operator. So, after you have spent a considerable amount of time working on both the roles, you can apply for higher job openings, that require the skills which you acquired as a data entry operator and as a customer service agent.
  2. Might Lead To a Better Job: As mentioned above, part-time jobs allow you to acquire skills and expertise, which might lead to a full-time job offer from the same domain or the employer. If you work with high amount of dedication and commitment, your employer might offer you a full-time role considering the fact that you have added value to his business, that too, being a part-timer and shall help you in getting identified as a professional who brings to the table more than what they promised.
  3. A Strengthened Network of Professionals: Over a period of time, you will have worked with a diversified range of professionals from various; industries, domain and job sectors. As experts say a professional network opens up wider avenues of business, you never know, a full-time job offer might arise from this network of professional that you have curated over the years.
  4. First Step Towards Being an Entrepreneur: Working as a part-timer is more like working as an entrepreneur or as a business owner. As a part-timer, you are responsible for marketing your skills and services, following up on payments and negotiating for payment plans, which is more of working like an entrepreneur. Hence, after working as a part-timer over the years, you will master the tricks of your trade and can emerge as an entrepreneur offering the same services, on a bigger scale as compared to a part-timer.

Getting Employed After College

Going by the estimates of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these days there are five applicants for just one job opening. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder estimates that only 44 percent of the employers may have jobs for fresh graduates from college. All such statistical figures are really disheartening for jobseekers.

Many of those coming out of colleges are graduates and post graduates too. Because they sought additional loans from banks to support their education, they are certainly under pressure to pay back those loans, and they are quite frantic to get jobs. Because of the scarcity of jobs, these graduates might remain under debt for long. It’s no wonder that many college students, when finding the job market so tough, have no option but to give up further studies due to financial issues.

Many feel that the Occupy Wall Street Movement had much to do with the situation that students are facing these days. There’s a massive burden of debt, but in the past it was not difficult to find a job after having completed college.

Well, the good news is that accounting and retailing companies are coming with new job opportunities for college graduates. Those who opted for technology or related fields can expect to get employed and with better salaries after a while. So, those with technology majors are at an advantage over other graduates who chose law or fashion.

College graduates may find it difficult to get jobs soon, but they shouldn’t lose hope. Nevertheless, the job market is quite tight, driving many students back home to stay with their parents or relatives, and save some money.

Because of the economic downtrend, graduates would have a difficult time, but these bad times can’t last for long. So, keep looking forward and do send your resumes regularly.

If you are a skilled writer, you can find online jobs and make some money. Many webmasters keep looking for new writers who are good at writing content for their websites. Though the money you get is nothing great, consider the benefit of earning your pocket money from the comforts of your home, or even from a coffee shop.

Work At Height Training

If your job entails such a duty, you know all about the equipment, which is going to allow you to work at that height, in a safe manner. You also know something about safety regulations, procedures and rules. Professional height training is going to ensure your knowledge about these procedures. Also, you are going to know all about using your equipment at such a height, in a proper, methodical, safe, and systematic manner.

What Should Work At Height Training Consist of:

Training is basically not all about safety procedures and principles, but a good company is going to give you training about awareness of your equipment, safety, job responsibilities and duties and awareness of technical procedures. All of this is going to increase your knowledge, in particular you by experienced and skillful guides, trainers and instructors.

Many height training companies offer you on the job training; that means that they are going to come to your site, and train your employees right there. So that means, apart from theoretical knowledge, they get a chance to learn practical knowledge, especially when they are going through the on-site training session under the guidance of these professional trainers.

Height training sessions normally consist of two parts so you can choose the training session appropriate to your job requirements. One is going to be general training and the other is going to be construction training. Height safety procedures are different for both of these training programmes.

So if you want to ensure safety for your employees in your workplace, look for courses which give you extremely relevant and useful content, along with necessary and practical delivery and training. This should be done by experts, were capable of demonstrating the safety measures in such a manner, that the trainees remember the safety procedures well.

Different Types Of Work At Height Training Programmes

A good employer is going to enforce optimal safety measures in his work place. Apart from general and construction safety measures, you may want to look for courses, allowing you rescue at height training for trainees. This course can enable a delegate to rescue a casualty in a competent and safe manner. Also, they will be able to recover and raise casualties, who are unconscious.

Haul rescue, Winch, low height and descent programmes for raising and lowering casualties are different height training programmes, which should be an integral part of any training session for your employees. Other training sessions can also include basic and advanced worki at height safety procedures, working on rooftops of warehouses and factories, stepladder height safety and working in a plant and with machinery.

Pinnacle of All Careers

We live in an age where we are surrounded by data. Communicating with all this data is a challenging task. Earlier, industries relied on simple tools such as BI for Data Mining, but with the advent of technical statistics and computer science, this has evolved to be known as Data Science. The introduction of Big Data and its relation to Information Technology led to its grand scale rise.

With Data Science, we can learn the hidden information in the data, and by applying analytics, we can use this information to solve business problems, foresee future trends and understand certain patterns which would be very difficult to be performed just by applying human intellect. But only mining some diverse set of data is not enough. The success depends on building programs based on the data which enhances the industrial results, and that’s what Data Scientists are expert in.

It is actually a platform where Business, Computer Science and Statistics come together. The job of a Data Scientist includes:

  1. Organizing: This refers to the collection of data through open source software frameworks such as Hadoop and SAS.
  2. Modeling: This is where a Data Scientist transforms, integrates and refines the data in order to understand it and create statistical models which can be applied to solve the problem at hand.
  3. Delivering: After a model is constructed, the Data Scientist explains the model to the customer and other members.

All major companies have reported excellent improvement in their business results by applying Data Science to exploit their user’s data and understand how to improve their products. The prime reason why companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are so ahead of their competitors is that they’re making excellent use of Data Science to track each and every user and draw inferences from their behavior and shopping pattern. This can be seen easily in the preciseness of Google searches, Facebook’s newsfeed recommendation and Amazon’s products suggestions. But this is not the end because Data Science is also creating milestones in industries like Medical Science, Banking and Finance, Online Education, Security Systems, Aviation Industry… and this list can go on and on.

Data Scientists are the professionals who have a good knowledge of programming, statistics, mathematics and computers. They can deal with any type of data and process it to make it meaningful. The online course is designed to prepare students experts in all the concepts and tools which are employed in Data Science.

Career in Tire Industry

I think my real fascination began when I needed to purchase a set of tires for my Land Rover LR4. I went off-roading once and hoped to do it again so I wanted tires that would support that kind of activity while lasting a long time with typical over the road traveling. The Land Rover weighs close to 2 tons so that is a lot of pressure on the tire. I had purchased a set of inexpensive tires previously for the Land Rover and they didn’t even last 10 months! This time I wanted the tires to last, even if I had to pay more. My family used to own and operate a tire store for 45 years where my brother was the salesman for many of those years. For my new set of tires my brother explained to me what treads would grip the road better and what type of tire had better rubber allowing the tire to last longer. The more expensive tires only cost me an additional $200 for the set and were a world of difference for performance and durability. I was hooked! My brother proved how invaluable a knowledgeable salesperson can be.

ITEC proved to be the honey-hole for all that the tire world has drawn me into. This convention educated the engineers on rubber, plastics, molding, chemicals, machinery and everything an engineer of all walks would need to know about the making of a tire from A to Z. I visited every booth, asked questions, soaked up a lot of information and picked up some cool pens and tire swag along the way.

If you’re like me, you would think that the majority, if not all, the tires are manufactured somewhere in the Midwestern region of the USA. Actually, of the top 50 tire manufacturers, only 3 are headquartered in the USA: Goodyear, Cooper and Carlstar Group, which is a producer for specialty tires for agriculture and construction. 18 (35%) of the top 50 are headquartered in China. A few of the other top producers of tires are headquartered in Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada and India. Tire operations for the USA are mostly planted in the Southern and Midwestern states. Bridgestone, Carlstar, Continental, Cooper, Goodyear and Michelin produce the majority of their auto and light truck tires in states like Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma and Alabama. In the USA the top producers of racing tires are Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. and Goodyear.

Career Options After Law

  1. Judicial Services – Since judiciary is one of the respectable professions, so First focus of law graduates is to clear judicial exams conducted by the Honorable High Courts for their respective States. Judiciary does not only provide good salary but it also provides satisfaction to one’s own conscience by service the Nation.
  2. Petitioner/ Litigant: This track of career allows a law student to be a professional lawyer for the public or private sector by choice. The professional path to practice law in courts under the specialized field of law, like Taxation, Constitutional practice nor or Family. The litigant can practice for criminal cases, family matters, civil litigation after qualifying Bar Examination to join Courts of Law to practice.
  3. Legal Advisor: Law career also gives advance professional partnership to be a legal counselor with companies and corporate. Advising businessman, and big companies with updated terms and conditions are the main purpose to hold the legal matters. As a legal adviser, you can join both private and public sector. Private Sector: Private Corporate and Industries, Private Banks, Multi National Companies, etc.
    Public Sector: Companies and Industries under government, Nationalized Banks, Legal Advisor for other Government Agencies.
  4. Social Worker: Law career options also provide the professionalism as to work for society, as a social worker in legal partnership with various NGOs (Non Government Organizations), and other Civil Organizations which work for the rights of humans, children, people, animals, environment protection, and many other sections of the society.

Government Jobs

Recession proof

While in private jobs, people are laid off, the government jobs are recession proof. In these jobs, people are not laid off whether or not there is a recession in the economy. Moreover, recessions do not affect the government organizations at all. In other words, the people do not stop getting their salaries when they work in one of the government jobs. In fact, you would never lose your job when you work for the government since the government jobs are stable.


When you take up these jobs, you can easily get promoted to the next level. In a government job, the more the number of years you serve the government, the higher are your chances of getting a promotion. Obviously, this could work out to be an advantage as well as a disadvantage because someone, who is above average, may not be able to grow faster than his average colleagues.

Perks and benefits

In these jobs, one can get not only promotions, but also retirement benefits. Moreover, you can get paid vacations to a place of your choice when you work for the government. Your salary would also increase without any correlation to your performance, when you work in a government job. You would also automatically stand to get respect when you are working for the government as compared to when you work in a private job. There are no strict rules while working in the government. You can go to your office even a little later and nobody would question you. In the private sector, strict rules are observed and people need to come to the office on time.

Child and dependent care

There are many different programmes for child and dependent care available to the government employees. It is best to talk to the human resources department regarding the same. You can also pass on the job to your children when you grow old and retire. This is the benefit of these kinds of jobs that is not available in private jobs. This is why most people would prefer government jobs as compared to private jobs.