Avoid Getting Fired

Set Your Job Description

Your job description should be according to your strengths. Before you apply for a job, make sure your resume clearly describes your strengths. If you don’t, your employer may find out that your skills and strengths don’t match the requirements of the job you have been selected for. As a result, you may be fired or suspended.

Know The priorities of Your Boss

Your job is not to respond to marginal requests or useless emails. As a matter of fact, even if the email comes from your boss, you should ask if they want to leave the important tasks to do this task instead. In short, you should focus on the priorities of your employer.

Cultivate relationships

You don’t need to try hard and become the most competent employee. Instead, what you need to do is cultivate relationships. In fact, if our boss and the colleagues like you, chances are that you will not be fired even if you are not that competent.

Know What Your Boss Likes

Does your boss like it when you ask them questions? Does he or she like to know your opinion about the job? How does he or she like to communicate with you? What medium does he or she like? It may be phone or email for instance. You should find out the answers to these questions and act accordingly.

Get feedback

You should get feedback from your customers, colleagues and your boss, of course. This will help you make your performance a lot better. This will be a sort of informal evaluation of your work. And you will be able to improve yourself.


When you make a mistake, apologize right away without any protected self-flagellation. What you need to do is reassure everyone that it is your responsibility to correct your mistakes.

Deal with your enemies

First of all, you should go out for dinner together to share common interests. But if you don’t find anything common, you should let everyone know that the issues between you two can’t be resolved.