Career in Crisis

It’s that simple. Make some time, every day, to be by yourself. Leave your office and turn off your cell. Go outside if possible. Close your eyes and listen to music. Read a devotion or a chapter in the book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand. Take a walk. Fifteen minutes, every day, will save your sanity. These are 10 things that happen when you spend time alone:

  1. It’s quiet. Don’t underestimate this. It’s therapeutic for your tired, overstimulated brain.
  2. Your mind learns to rest. This isn’t automatic. You have to work at it but, eventually, your mind will learn to rest.
  3. You learn to relax. Again, this isn’t automatic. With time, your breathing and heart rate slow. Your shoulders drop. Tension leaves your neck.
  4. You think more clearly. Once your mind learns to rest, it’s easier to organize thoughts, free of the clutter and noise.
  5. You become a more positive person. As the stress and negativity start sliding away it becomes more natural to feel better about yourself and the world around you.
  6. You have more patience. Positive people tend to extend more grace to others. Clients become friends again.
  7. Your priorities become more defined. It’s easier to see the forest when you aren’t focusing on each tree bearing down on you.
  8. You are a better spouse/partner/friend. All of that positivity and good feelings bring sunshine to those you love!
  9. You become a better leader. A clear head and more patience will result in better decisions and a more cohesive team.
  10. Your life is better. Promise.

Spending time alone, every day, will reboot your life and heal your career crisis. It won’t get rid of traffic or extend deadlines, but you’ll be able to handle them in a more positive manner.