Characteristics Of Top Salespeople

  • Top salespeople are skilled and professional. They see themselves as educators, advisors, and consultants, rather than salespeople.
  • Top performers are equipped and prepared. They review every detail before each sales call or gathering. They are builders with strong credibility.
  • Top salespeople are strong believers in self-development. They attend seminars, read books, listen to audio programs, watch educational DVD’s, and take additional educational courses.
  • Top performers are reliable and responsible. They see themselves as CEO’s of their own professional sales corporations. They are accountable for everything they say or do.
  • Top salespeople build and nurture the relationships they establish. Their relationships often continue long after the sale.
  • Top performers enter into long term business relationships with their clients.
  • Top salespeople know that the relationships they have with their clients are more important than the products and services they have to offer. They know that they are selling themselves before anything else.
  • Top performers match their clients needs with the correct products and services they offer.
  • Top salespeople understand the importance of listening to their clients. They know that actively listening to their clients builds trust and credibility between them.
  • Top performers understand that listening skills are the key to success. They know that listening attentively with no interruptions is very important. They know that they should pause 3 to 5 seconds before replying. They know that they should repeat what they think they heard back to the client for clarification. They know that the person asking the questions is the one in control.

Always know that if your want more, you have to give more. Also, know that your rewards in life are in direct proportion to the service you provide. So, if you are not getting anything out of life you may want to analyze the amount of service you provide and know that something from nothing leaves nothing.