Competent on the Job Site

Webster’s defines competency as: “Sufficient resources fore a comfortable existence”. We will agree to that and add a few things to that definition so that you will understand just what it takes to go above and beyond and stay safe and keep the job-site safe and the co-workers as well. First of all please take a moment to look at the list below so that you can hit the ground running right off the bat with safety training.

Competent Worker

  • Trained and capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous.
  • Responsible for performing proper walk-outs before and after the job is initiated.
  • Has the will and authority to correct a dangerously-perceived situation and do so without hesitation.

Those are only a few of the characteristics of a competent and highly-perceptive worker. There are so many more but we will not bore you with the details as if you are a competent person and worker you already know most of these work-day characteristics.

OSHA 30 Hour Course

We take safety and smarts very seriously and feel that safety is everyone’s responsibility. With this we will now lead you into the world of safety training and hope that you find safety as exciting as we do at least while on the job. We understand that we live, eat and breath safety but that is the way every OSHA compliant safety training resource should be is it not? We are like that Cuckoo cartoon-bird spokes animal for that chocolaty-good cereal, Cocoa Puffs, and we say we areĀ Cuckoo for Safety and Health Training!

OSHA 10 Hour Training

Please head on over to our site and have a look at all of the great OSHA safety training courses that are made available to all of you soon-to-be wonderful safety and health experts!