Federal Job Training Programs

These federal level programs are run by labor department or health department. These two departments help people who are unemployed and uneducated. These people are being taught useful skills that will help them attain a job at a NGO or health department as potential helpers.

The first training policy was enforced in 1962 and since then federal department has been improving its working. The act was previously named as Man power Development and training Act. After two years it was thought that some points in this act need to be reviewed and it was given a new name of Employment Opportunity Act in 1964.

Almost every new government viewed and reviewed this act. Positive changes were made in every era. In 1998 a new act by the name of Workforce Investment was introduced by government. It proposed to create training center in every state with the collaboration of all the labor training departments. This act was successfully carried out and new facilities were made available at the same training center.

Further progressive steps have been taken by Labor Department. They have launched a new program for veterans to equip them with the necessary skills of latest technology. They are also being taught how to use computer and how its use can help them in their work. These programs are becoming very popular as they are proving to be effective with many people who have experienced it.

Government initiates these programs for the benefit of citizens. So that people can get a chance to establish themselves as successful employed people. Since all the sincere efforts of the government, unemployment has been increasing due to the uncontrollable economic crises.

During the last two decades, Governments have launched a little more than 40 employment training programs. Regardless of all these efforts, these programs have not achieved their target rates. Unemployment has also been on the increasing verge. The government has not been able to give proper definition of employment.

People who have been at a job for one day or a week are counted under the term employed as permanent employees. There has been a lot of criticism on the definition of success given by labor department. Further more Government has also been unable to justify the use of these training programs by the statistics.

The money Federal Government is spending on these training programs is worth less as compared to the benefits gained by these programs. The only problem is that these benefits are effective for short term basis. The reason is that new information is generated every second and these trainees cannot get hold of the new techniques when employed. So as a result they lose their jobs in 2 to 3 years. Till today 100 billion dollars have been spent on these training and placement programs but long term plans and results are still to be achieved.