Getting a Job After CNA Exam

Schools and professional organizations offer the training needed for these caregivers. It is also a common practice for retirement centers and other long term care facilities to provide initial or advanced training for their employees. After training the pay increases with experience and any additional training that may be available. Grants and student loans may be available for those wishing to train for cna jobs; it depends on where you are located and the opportunities available. Costs of the training are usually a few thousand dollars and take place over a four to six week time period.

One way to receive training and figure out if this is the right job for you is to volunteer at a local care center or long term facility. This will enable you to see the work close up and decide if it is a good idea to pursue CNA training as a career choice. Volunteering also is a good way to check out prospective employers to see if working with them is a good fit for your job skill set and interests. There are jobs available across a wide spectrum of locations; hospitals, care centers, hospices; adult day care centers and other institutions.

The jobs do have a high turnover rate due to the opening up of more opportunities among existing CNA workers. This is one reason why it is a good idea to check out the training and find out if an employer is willing to pay for the training you need as a certified nursing assistant. The career can be a rewarding one in many different ways and for those with the gift of caring for others, it is a good beginning.