Getting Employed After College

Going by the estimates of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these days there are five applicants for just one job opening. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder estimates that only 44 percent of the employers may have jobs for fresh graduates from college. All such statistical figures are really disheartening for jobseekers.

Many of those coming out of colleges are graduates and post graduates too. Because they sought additional loans from banks to support their education, they are certainly under pressure to pay back those loans, and they are quite frantic to get jobs. Because of the scarcity of jobs, these graduates might remain under debt for long. It’s no wonder that many college students, when finding the job market so tough, have no option but to give up further studies due to financial issues.

Many feel that the Occupy Wall Street Movement had much to do with the situation that students are facing these days. There’s a massive burden of debt, but in the past it was not difficult to find a job after having completed college.

Well, the good news is that accounting and retailing companies are coming with new job opportunities for college graduates. Those who opted for technology or related fields can expect to get employed and with better salaries after a while. So, those with technology majors are at an advantage over other graduates who chose law or fashion.

College graduates may find it difficult to get jobs soon, but they shouldn’t lose hope. Nevertheless, the job market is quite tight, driving many students back home to stay with their parents or relatives, and save some money.

Because of the economic downtrend, graduates would have a difficult time, but these bad times can’t last for long. So, keep looking forward and do send your resumes regularly.

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