Locating Available Job Vacancies

The largest number of job openings, other than in drive-ins, is found in the medical field and in truck driving. While both require training, the medical field has more arduous training than in truck driving. However, there are personal requirements such as being in good health and able to physically lift heavy objects as well.

In the medical field there are many openings for nursing assistants, LPN’s, and registered nurses. Some, such as nursing assistants, require very little training while registered nurses must be highly trained. There are many different scholarships available in this field as well as federal education funding. In some hospitals you can work while training and they will pay for the courses.

Long haul truck drivers must pass examinations for commercial truck driving. In order to receive a license for driving the big rigs you must pass both written and driving tests. Before being hired by a company you will have a background check and must pass a drug test. Also, it should be realized that this is a job that is time consuming. Many hours, and even weeks, are spent on the road. The pay is excellent but one must realize that it takes a lot of stamina to drive on the busy highways night and day.

Training for those entering the medical field are offered by career schools, junior colleges, colleges and over the Internet. There is classroom and clinical training as well. There is a great deal of memorization and you have to pass a number of tests before being certified or licensed. If you wish to be a truck driver there are many truck driving schools available where actual hands-on training will be given.

Federal, state, county and city jobs are very desirable. They offer long term employment and benefits such as health care, vacation and retirement. Watching the employment hot-line will list any job openings and when an exam will be given. As a rule, if you meet the basic requirements, such as education or experience, you will be allowed to take an examination for the opening. The job is given to the applicant or applicants who score the highest. Others are put on a waiting list until the next examination. As openings come up for the job in question people are selected off the waiting list in order of their score.