Make Temporary Jobs Look Good On Your Resume

Determine whether to put jobs together or not?

You can do a lot of freelance work that involves short term employments which can be project or duration based. If all of the work you have done is the same then you are better off grouping it all together as a single experience. But when you have short term employment where you interacted with top players of your industry of had an important job for a project, then mention them separately.

Define employment dates

Anything that lasted over a month must be mentioned with dates. If you decide to mention different freelance projects separately, then mention them by the dates that you worked on them. Freelancing allows people to work on different projects simultaneously. Suppose you are a writer and have been working for five different clients on content writing jobs for six months, it would be better to group them all together as a single period and then give details of the projects that you wrote for.

Market yourself

Instead of just writing “Done freelancing for XYZ on 2 projects”, market yourself as a brand. You can make a brand of yourself and use it to indicate freelance work. This is a much more professional way of doing things and it will look great on your resume. Branding yourself will market you as an expert in the field as a professional having his/her own business.

Highlight success and achievement

It doesn’t matter if you had worked as a freelancer for 6 months or 2 years, you must highlight your successes and achievements during that period. If there are any achievements during your work as a freelancer, you must mention them along with other details. Achievements highlight your competence and authority over your industry and will be able to impress the recruiters.