Marketing Jobs


Choosing a career in advertising could include working as an advertising manager, account executive, or copywriter. Those in advertising may meet with clients to discuss campaign and advertisement details, present ideas and projects to clients, and manage campaign funds. Individuals working in advertising may be responsible for creating slogans, scripts for commercials, and text for web advertising.

Market Research

Market researchers typically are responsible for collecting and analyzing data for businesses and organizations. Market researchers have the potential to be employed by a company directly, or marketing agencies where the individual may be completing projects for multiple organizations. There are normally two types of market research: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative research often deals with percentages and statistics, which can deliver fast results. Qualitative research involves a longer process of analyzing percentages, and the reasons behind the numbers. Market researchers may be expected to manage budgets, write and present reports, write and conduct surveys, and identify patterns and solutions in data for research findings.

Public Relations

Public relations typically involve the work of maintaining the image of an individual or company. Individuals in public relations may be responsible for implementing PR strategies, coordinating press conferences and press tours, communicating with the media via phone or email, writing press reports and speeches, and conducting marketing research. Those in PR should understand how to effectively address concerns, including both positive and negative publicity. PR personnel may find employment in advertising agencies, non-profit organization,s healthcare organizations, government agencies, or educational institutions.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers typically create designs for magazines, advertisements, and brochures. They may be responsible for meeting with clients, determining the audience for their project, portraying a message in the design, creating page layouts, as well as the color theme, text style, and images used in designs. Graphic designers may be asked to create logos and illustrations for websites. Individuals in graphic design should exhibit excellent proofreading skills for reviewing and editing their work before it is printed or published.