Recruiting Specialist

  • Contacting potential employees-this is the most fundamental duties for a recruiting specialist. In order to fill the positions for the company or industry they work for they have to be on the lookout for talented individuals to fill the open positions. They can contact employees in several different ways such as online ads, traditional cold calls, referrals, and visiting colleges. It helps when contacting potential employees that the recruiting specialist has an approachable and friendly demeanor.
  • Checking references-this is done after the interview and is a common practice in the hiring process. When the recruiting specialist checks the references the applicant has provided the answers received can be used to back up what the applicant has said during the interview and on the application. Depending on the reference they may be asked about the applicant’s credentials to see if what they tell them matches what the applicant claims.
  • Conducting interviews-once the industry or company has a potential employee it is the recruiting specialist that will schedule an interview time. At this interview the applicant will fill out an application form along with offering the recruiter their resume. They will also have to answer questions about their previous jobs and skills and their background. The interview is done so the recruiter will have a better idea of their potential employee’s abilities and skills. It will also determine if they would be a good fit for the company or industry.
  • Documenting information about the new employees-it is the recruiting specialist who will document all of the information about the new employee, such as making a file on them online and include a copy of their application, their resume, reference checks, etc in the file. They will also make sure that the employee’s correct contact information is available along with anything else of importance that was said during the interview.
  • Hiring-once the interview and references are finished it is the recruiting specialist’s job to either reject or hire the applicant. In some instances the recruiter will make the decision on their own or they will need to talk it over with the supervisor. If they are hired the recruiting specialist will let the applicant know and have them come in so they can go over the company guidelines, ethics, standards, and schedule. Sometimes it will also include a training period.