Working in Australia

The number of working hours is as low as 38.5 hours per week and this is in the private sector. In some of the other companies, the length of the working week can be even shorter.

The employees are entitled to benefits of 4 weeks in a year as paid leaves after 1 year of employment with the same company. The privilege of leaves for government employees is even greater at 5 weeks in a year. Apart from the 4 weeks of paid leaves, the employees are also granted sick leaves of 10 days in a year. The best part about these sick leaves is that they are added up to 3 years if not used. However, if an employee leaves the company, then he is not paid any monetary benefits for any unused sick leaves.

There’s also the concept of long sick leaves. You might want to know what the same is. Such leaves are provided to an employee when he has already spent 60 weeks in employment with a company. These leaves are carried over. But just as in the case of sick leaves, these leaves are also not paid in terms of monetary benefits when unused in case of an employee leaving the company.

The Australian government also takes care of the retirement of its employees. It ensures that the 9% portion of the salaries of employees is paid into a superannuation fund which is later used for investment. These superannuation funds are not accessible by an employee until the age of 55.

There is also a high need for foreign workers in this country. The unemployment rate is also quite minimal in this country and there’s high demand for labor in various sectors like telemarketing, hospitality, retail and manufacturing sectors.

The biggest benefit of working in Australia is that the salary packages are quite higher. The companies here also believe in making an employee grow in the company in terms of salary and job responsibilities assigned.

The Australian employers believe that the employee should enjoy a wholesome package in terms of work and pleasure through his job. Therefore they offer employees the benefits of flexible working hours and the freedom to take leaves. Another benefit to working in Australia is being a part of a society that has several ethnic groups living here.

Benefits of Working At A Summer Camp

  • Good Summer Time – You are sure to have a lot of fun while working at a summer camp. Everyday there are new activities filled with fun and adventure that you may not experience anywhere else. And the best part is you will also get paid for it along with free food and accommodation.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills – Summer camp is a good place to enhance your communications skills. There you will get the opportunity to communicate with people of different ages and cities. You will work with them giving instructions, teaching them different skills and listening and addressing their concerns.
  • New Friends – Working at a camp means meeting new people from all over the world. You will share the summer with them laughing, learning, teaching and working hard together. You might not know anyone when you join the camp, but you will surely leave it making a lot of new friends.
  • Increased Confidence – A summer camp job will mean getting out of your comfort zone and doing things which you might have never done before. It will help you to face your fears and become a stronger and more confident person in the end. The whole camp experience will be very rewarding when you will join your first job. The confidence carried from the camp will help you to adjust fast in the working environment.
  • Travelling – This job will allow you to travel to a new place. You might get to visit a new state or a whole new country. You will have the opportunity to visit new places including national parks and beaches.