Take a Look at Employee Training

Be careful how you handle employee training. Keep it aboveboard and legal. Never try to get away with questionable or illegal tactics. Never claim you provided training when you didn’t, and never fiddle with the training records to show more training hours than were actually provided. One new employee at a small business employing about 20 people stated that his employer made him sign a paper showing that he received and read an employee training handbook before they would hire him. He has now worked there for more than a year, and not only has he never read the handbook, he still has never even received one.

Another man working for a small enterprise is supposed to receive 40 hours of training each year by his employer. Many years he goes in for six hours of training, and later learns that his supervisor writes on his employee record that he has received the mandatory 40 hours of training. The supervisors in these cases have placed themselves in the dangerous position of possible criminal or civil legal actions.

One of the most difficult things about employee training is finding suitable courses. While many a manager schedules training just to fill required numbers of training hours, it can be counterproductive if the employees never use the training. It would be just as well to provide them no training at all. Most students forget all of their training in only a few days if it doesn’t apply to their jobs.

Perhaps even more important than the choice of training course, is the choice of instructor. A poor instructor can be worse for your crew than an irrelevant course. Ask questions of other managers. Find out what the best classes are. You should also put effort into finding the finest instructors available.

You, the manager, are responsible for your employees. You should do all you can to keep them up to snuff on all aspects of the business. If you need to do a little searching before you schedule a class, then do so. Never present training sessions that your employees can’t use. Training that isn’t job related in some way should be eliminated. It’s a waste of time for the students, and a waste of money for your business.