What Jobs Pay the Most

What we are witnessing is a massive wealth transfer from the super rich to every day entrepreneurial minded people. There are many ways that an ordinary person with little or no experience, with the right training, can create unlimited income in this emerging new economy. Let’s take a look at what will likely become some of the most sought after careers on the planet.

  • Network Marketing – The biggest attraction for this business model is the time freedom it can provide for people with the ability to create your own schedule, work when you want and for as long as you want. If you have a full time job you can successfully work this business in your spare time building an asset that could either provide you with an extra income stream or completely set you free with a walk away residual income.
  • Internet Marketing – Basically the internet has flipped network marketing on its head by allowing people to leverage the ability to generate leads, automate much of the prospecting and selling, and advertise their business worldwide. The internet allows the average person to brand themselves, create a legitimate presence and following. There are a handful of really good internet marketing training companies that will help you to generate leads for your business and provide the tools and mentoring necessary for success.
  • Direct Sales – This is a business model that will allow you to make high ticket commissions, usually starting at $1,000.00 dollars almost completely automated using cutting edge internet marketing systems. With direct sales you do not need to recruit as many reps as you do in network marketing, and does not take near as long to get into the big money. This is the way to go if you want to create a six figure income in the shortest time possible.

The bottom line is that all three of these business models will work for you IF you have the burning desire to succeed and are willing to learn. Most successful internet entrepreneurs do a combination of all three. I think that this industry is by far the best way for the average person to create wealth in this emerging new economy. You may not even need to ask what jobs pay the most ever again because you won’t need one.