Workplace Training

To give a basic outline of what corporate training actually is it’s always a good thing to start off with a simple definition of corporate training such as; a business that trains its workforce to enable them to carry out the required jobs both competently and at a favourable pace. So this does mean that the business has a choice, it doesn’t have to simply train all the people who wish to become an employee, they could simply only offer the job position to already qualified people. However, most businesses take a more ‘ethical’ approach, by which they train the people within the business to carry out the more complicated jobs, this is more common in smaller businesses but is still seen widely among the larger corporations.

Many companies do actually overlook the benefits and the importance of workplace training. Not only do your current employees become well versed within the business and its practices but it can also increase employee’s motivation. For example, if an employee constantly sees newcomers taking the higher paid jobs within the business they may be more tempted to look elsewhere, or get disheartened about their career prospects. On the flip side if the employer chooses to train and promote in the workplace the employees will see that there are good opportunities for pay increases and to further their knowledge and may work harder.

However, there are many other benefits other than simple motivation that the employer gets from training in the workplace rather that recruiting outside. For example, a new employee would have to learn how the business works, get use to other employees and build a home away from home as such. However, a current employee has already done this saving time and the risk that the new employee will not fit in with the business practices.